Leather Care

Examples of our comprehensive range of products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining leather footwear and accessories.

Dasco shoe cream with applicator cleans, preserves and restores the colour to all grained, smooth and aniline leathers.  Its special formulation will help to protect against dirt and water penetration.   Colours:  Black, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Beige, Navy Blue, Neutral, Bordeaux and White.   Contents: 75ml.
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Shoe Cream
Product Code: 2222
Shoe cream available in glass jars. Colours:  Black, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Olive Green, Pale Orange, Arctic Silver, Navy, Neutral, Pink, Bordeaux, Signal Red, and White. Contents: 50ml.
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Nappa Leather Conditioner
Product Code: 2222DAS
Contents: 50ml
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Delicate Leather Cream
Product Code: 2222DL
Dasco Delicate Leather Cream has been specially formulated to clean and nourish delicate leathers.  Not suitable for suede. Contents 50ml.    
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Metallic Gel
Product Code: 2225
Metallic gel available in glass jars. Neutral for all colours of shoes. Contents: 50ml.
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Aniline Cream
Product Code: 2233
Tinted Aniline cream available in glass jars. Contents: 50ml.
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Waxed Leather Cream
Product Code: 24241
Dasco Waxed Leather Cream has been specially formulated to clean, nourish and revive shoes with waxy, oiled and natural finishes.  It is suitable for waxy smooth and waxy nubuck leathers. Contents:  75ml.
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Dasco White
Product Code: 2525
Dasco White has been specially formulated to restore the colour to Leather and Canvas footwear.  It gives outstanding performance on badly scuffed areas after only one application.
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Renovating Cream
Product Code: 2627
Restores colour and shine. Available in Black. Contents 75ml
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Wax Shoe Polish
Product Code: 3232
Wax shoe polish available in tins. Colours:  Black, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Tan, Neutral and Burgundy. Contents: 50ml.     
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Renovating Polish
Product Code: 3235
Dasco leather renovating polish is a specially formulated blend of dyes and waxes designed to restore the colour of scuffed and scratched shoes. This product will nourish the leather and leave a deep shine. Comes in a traditional press fit tin.
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Product Code: 3333
Dubbin polish which preserves, protects, waterproofs and nourishes all leather products. Available in Neutral for all colours of shoes. Contents: 100ml.
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Restores, conditions, nourishes and protects leather products.  Contents: 100ml
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Product Code: 3335
Dubbin polish which preserves, protects, waterproofs and nourishes all leather products.   Available in Black and Neutral.   Contents 50ml
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Silicone Leather Wax
Product Code: 3535
Dasco Silicone Leather Wax cleans, shines and protects most smooth and patent leathers.   Ideal for leather shoes, handbags and belts. Suitable for all colours. Contents: 85ml.  
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Delicate Leather Balm
Product Code: 3838
Cleans, nourishes and preserves smooth leather.  Contents 135ml
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Leather Conditioner
Product Code: 38381
Dasco Leather Conditioner has been specially formulated to clean and condition smooth and grained leather shoes. It may also be used on other leather accessories. Contents: 100ml.
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Suede & Nubuck Shampoo Aerosol
Product Code: 4002
Dasco Suede and Nubuck foam cleaner is specially produced for nubuck and fine suede leathers. Excellent for shoes, fashion boots and accessories. Suitable for all colours. Contents: 200ml.
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Suede & Nubuck Dry Cleaner
Product Code: 4005
Dasco Dry Cleaner lifts dirt and stains from suede & Nubuck Leathers. Suitable for all colours Contents: 200ml
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Universal Multi Cleaner
Product Code: 4006
Cleaner and protector for leather, suede, nubuck and synthetic footwear and accessories.  Contents 200ml
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Waxed & Oiled Spray
Product Code: 4010
Dasco Waxed & Oiled Leather Spray has been specially formulated to protect, nourish and conditon waxy, oiled and natural leather finishes including waxy smooth and waxy nubuck. Contents 200ml
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Wax and Shine Aerosol
Product Code: 4011
Dasco Wax and Shine is specially formulated from top quality waxes to clean and instantly shine all smooth aniline and synthetic leathers.  It will not stain. For use on all colours.  Contents: 200ml.
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Protector Aerosol
Product Code: 4012
Invisibly protects leather, suede, fabric and wool surfaces against penetration of water and oil.  It does not affect the breathing properties of the material while making it stain resistant.  Ideal for shoes, boots, clothing and handbags, especially when new. Not suitable for some synthetic patent, metallic and pearlised finishes.   For use on all colours.  Contents: 200ml.
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Leather Stretch Aerosol
Product Code: 40231
Dasco Leather Stretch may be sprayed inside the shoe where it is tight, in order to soften and expand the leather for a more comfortable fit. This is ideal for use with Dasco shoe stretchers. Contents: 150ml.
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Suede Revive Aerosols
Product Code: 4025
Dasco Suede Revive restores the colour of suede and nubuck footwear.  It cleans, nourishes and colours suede or nubuck to help restore appearance. Available in Neutral, Black, Dark Brown, Mid Brown, Navy and Grey, 
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Patent Gloss Aerosol
Product Code: 4031
Dasco Patent Gloss is a special formulation of cleaners and waxes for all types of patent, pearlised and metallic, synthetic and genuine leather accessories.  If used regularly, it will maintain the glossy shine and new appearance whilst keeping the product soft and supple. For use on all colours.   Contents: 200ml.
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Odour Stop Pump Spray
Product Code: 4900
Dasco Odour Stop immediately eliminates odours and then helps prevent them from recurring.  It contains no perfume or masking agents and is suitable for all footwear types.  This product is water based, solvent free, non toxic and is environmentally friendly. Contents: 100ml.
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Natural Protector
Product Code: 49012
Water based protector. Invisibly protects footwear from rain and stains.
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A compact, lightweight and chemical-free cleaning kit for suede and nubuck (78 x 47 x 28mm overall). The cleaning block, made from natural materials, effectively erases unsightly marks and stains, making it especially useful for restoring the appearance of lighter colours. It can also be used to restore shiny areas. The bristle brush may be used to remove surface dust and dirt, and to raise the nap.  
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Instant Shoe Shine Sponge
Product Code: 5672
With its silicone impregnated sponge Dasco Instant Shoe Shine gives leather, vinyl shoes and accessories that immediate buffed finish.  Contained within its own durable casing it makes it ideal for use while travelling, in the home or office. Colour: neutral
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The Dasco Premium Instant Shine Sponge is quick, clean and easy to use - each swipe leaves a rich shine. It has an airtight reservoir, which keeps the silicone fresh, and the level remaining is visible. The silicone is automatically released to top-up the sponge as needed, ensuring a consistent excellent performance. Suitable for leather and vinyl shoes and accessories, it comes in Black (shines and refreshes colour) and Neutral (shines all colours). With a neat, durable container it is...
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