Shoe Trees for Ladies

Shoe trees extend the life of footwear by retaining the original shape and help to prevent creasing and splitting.

Wood Shoe Trees have high quality spring adjustments for a perfect fit every time. They are available in a variety of different woods and finishes. Options for knobs and rings are available and nameplates may be attached to feature your own logo. 

Shoe Trees in synthetic materials are more lightweight than wooden shoe trees. The extensive range means that there is a product to suit all styles of shoes.

Ladies' Fashion Albany
Product Code: 0851
For heeled shoes. Fully lasted satin finish Lime wood tree. Single nickel tube with wooden knob.  Plaque optional. Full sizes: 3-8
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Albany Flat
Product Code: 0855
Fully lasted ladies shoe tree with wood knob, brass plaque and single brass tube. Available in Flat and Fashion versions, or Casual for shoes with a broader fitting. Available in sizes 3-8.
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Product Code: 0901
Soft flocked foam forepart. Ideal for slingbacks and sandals. Sizes small, medium and large.  
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Velour Deluxe
Product Code: 0902
Ladies shoe tree with a soft flocked foam forepart and spiral spring. Ideal for court and walking shoes. Small, Medium and Large sizes.
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Product Code: 0905
Soft flocked foam ladies shoe tree impregnated with perfume for a pleasant odour. Ideal for sling-backs and sandals. Small, Medium and Large sizes.
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