From the first hockey stick, innovation has been at the heart of everything we produce.  Dunkelman & Son invented the original shoe stretcher and boot shaper.  Invented by Jack Spulher, who was responsible for many of the Dunkelman & Son new products.

Not content at being the first to develop new products, we are keen to supply high-quality innovations that ensure consumers make the most of their footwear, across the globe.   Being part of the Alma Group means that we are supported to continue in our innovative methods and ability to continue to develop new products that consumers will love.

Dunkelman & Son are also concentrating our efforts on our environmental responsibilities.  We are investing heavily on making our chemical ingredients more friendly for the environment, whilst maintaining high standards in caring for the product.  Our packing is also becoming more sustainable with compostable and recyclable alternatives being used across our ranges.

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From Ice Hockey Equipment to Shoe Care Specialists

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Dunkelman invents the Boot Shaper

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