Product History

Our rich history in shoe care products and accessories has led us to the company we are today. By focussing on our products and customers, we have been able to consistently supply the highest quality products to some of the biggest names in the footwear industry.

Our shoe creams, waxes, accessories and shoe trees have been developed using high-quality materials, to craft a perfect fit or create leather care that extends the life of the product. Our identity comes from recognising growing areas in shoe care and creating a product that meets the market demand, giving consumers peace of mind and added value.

Over the years our forward-thinking attitude has seen us develop a range of new products. The first boot shaper, originally crafted from metal guttering, due to demand, we sourced a more long-term solution.   We partnered with Huntley Boorne and Stevens of Reading, makers of biscuit tins for Huntley and Palmer, to create a working prototype that proved to be a worldwide success and forefather for all modern-day boot shapers.

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