In February 2015 Dunkelman & Son Limited became part of Alma FRC, a family-owned French business with a similarly long history in shoe care. The AVEL company belongs to the family group ALMA FRC which was founded by Alexandre Moura.

Avel was founded in 1977 by Mr Moura. His son Marc Moura became the President in 2004 and is also the current President of ALMA F.R.C. The worldwide success of our products is due to the value and the spirit that has been passed down over three generations. Alma strives for innovation and it remains one of our key successes.

By being part of the Alma family, Dunkelman is in the best position to offer the most complete range of shoe accessories in the world through a supply chain that reaches more than 65 countries around the globe.

With more than 7,500 products the group today is a world leader in products specialising in leather and textile care as well as universal shoe accessories including; shoe trees, brushes, shoe horns, and cases etc which are distributed mainly to bootmakers, shoemakers, and people selling Leatherwear.

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