In the fight against Covid 19, Avel France adapts production facilities to produce hand sanitiser

From Shoe Polish to Hydoalcoholic gel. 


Avel manufacturues of the world most respected shoe care products have adapted its production facility in order to produce hand sanitiser, with a view to supply it to local hospitals and nursing homes.

‘Yesterday, the mayor of Angoulême was at the towns technical centre with Mr Marc Moura, the CEO of Avel. The company traditionally manufactures shoe polish and leather cleaning products, it has now adapted its production to produce hydroalcoholic gel. Mr Moura said that it is relatively simple to make, as it is made from the same base materials as some of our other products.

It has taken 15 days for Mr Marc Moura to get the laws relaxed by the authorities allowing him to manufacture the gel. The entrepreneur has obtained 2000 litres of alcohol from the Merlet distillery and Rémy Cointreau has also promised to supply a further 5000 litres of alcohol. The two person production line is dedicated solely to the manufacturing the precious liquid. You must evaluate and tell us your need “Moura says to Nicolas Prentout” the deputy director of Angoulême hospital centre who came to collect 1000 litres. A further 1500 litres has already been distributed to local medical staff, paramedics and traders.

Thanks to the mapping carried out during the Health conference, we were able to contact all the local doctors, nurses, dentists etc to find out what they needed.

On the tables of the town technical centre, the 1 litre bottles filled with the liquid are lined up. The picture is strangely reminiscent to the shells, in weapons factories lying during the first world war. We are at war. Emmanuel Macron hammered it. And facing this invisible enemy, a weapon: hydroalcoholic gel which is sorely lacking everywhere.


Avel has been active

The production team at Avel are all very busy, Moura stresses that all the precautions needed have been put in place. Since the start of the pandemic the entrepreneur has demanded that his staff take their temperature and indicate it before entering the factory. 'Above 37.5°C, there's no point in them being in. He feels it helps to calm everyone down and to help keep them safe.

Economically for now, he remains optimistic. 'We're still working on exporting. We sent some orders to Japan, Singapore and even China. It is more complicated in Europe, especially for transport. But what scares me more is a soft and slow recovery.

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