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SKU: A2525DAS-101

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Description Specially formulated to restore the white of leather and canvas footwear. It gives outstanding performance on badly scuffed areas after only one application.

Features and Benefits: This compact item is simple to use, with its sponge tip. Allowing easy application. This product also restores the colour to bring your shoes back to life again.

User guide: Brush any excess dirt off the shoe using one of our Dasco brushes (A5703 or A5701) and also wipe with a damp cloth. Shake the bottle before use.

Open the lid to expose the sponge (do not unscrew, simply snap the cap).

Firmly squeeze the centre of the bottle to release the liquid. Press down onto your shoe and start moving in circular motion until your satisfied and the shoe is evenly coated.

Leave to dry for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Before putting the bottle away, wipe the sponge clean or rinse with water. 

Apply a second coat if required

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