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DASCO - DUBBIN - TIN - 100ml

DASCO - DUBBIN - TIN - 100ml

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Description: A traditional dubbin paste which preserves, protects and waterproofs all smooth leather products. Available in 2 colours – Neutral (100), Black (102)

Features and Benefits: Renders leather, highly water resistant and keeps leather supple and prevents cracking. Ideal for use on football boots and hiking shoes.

User guide: • Dried loose dirt should be removed using a Dasco bristle brush (A5703DAS or A5701DAS). • However, If the footwear is heavily soiled it is advised to remove the dirt with a damp cloth. Allow the footwear to dry before proceeding. • When dry and clean of any dirt, apply the traditional wax to the footwear using a Dasco lint free cotton cloth (A8521DAS). • Wrap the cloth around the middle and index fingers and using circular motions apply the wax in layers to the desired effect. • Allow the wax to dry for a few minutes before buffing to a shine with a Dasco horsehair brush (A5803DAS or A5801DAS). • Repeat periodically to retain the luster and finish.

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