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SKU: A2222DAS-101

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Description: A shoe cream that contains a blend of top-quality waxes, including beeswax and a high percentage of colour pigment. Available in 35 colours

Features and Benefits: Cleans, nourishes, and shines smooth and synthetic leathers. High pigment content helps to restore and maintain the original colour.

User guide: • Dried loose dirt should be removed using a Dasco bristle brush (A5703DAS or A5701DAS). • However, if the footwear is heavily soiled it is advised to remove the dirt with a damp cloth. Allow the footwear to dry before proceeding. • When dry and clean of any dirt, apply the cream to the footwear by using either a Dasco lint free cotton cloth (A8521DAS) or an applicator brush (A5721DAS). • Wrap the cloth around the middle and index fingers and using circular motions apply the cream, working into all areas. • Allow the cream to dry for a few minutes before buffing to a shine with a Dasco horsehair brush (A5803DAS or A5801DAS) or a clean cloth. • Repeat periodically to retain the luster and finish

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