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Tarrago Compressor is the perfect complement to use with the Airbrush.

  • For all user levels.
  • Auto start and auto stop functions.
  • Adjustable working pressure.
  • Built with an oil-free piston to extend the compressor¬¥s life.
  • Quiet and durable compressor.
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • Internal heat protection device.
  • Overheat security system. The compressor will cut off the power automatically when it is about to overheat, and it will restart when the engine returns to its appropriate temperature.
  • Airbrush holder.

How to use

1. Connect the air hose to the air outlet.
2. Insert the airbrush holder into the holder slot as it is shown in the picture.
     2.1. Insert the holder.
     2.2. Push it down to fix it.
3. Connect the airbrush to the compressor using the air hose.
4. Connect the AC Adaptor to the compressor and plug into an electrical outlet.
5. Use the dial to turn on the power.
     5.1. Adapt the air pressure to your needs: Turn clockwise to increase air pressure and anti-clockwise to decrease.

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